HengYi Foam is a leading polyurethane foam manufacturer and memory foam supplier, provides high quality polyurethane foam insoles.

HengYi is a leading shoe material factory in China since 2015, takes pride in being the best polyurethane foam supplier nationwide. With a dedication to excellence and a commitment to providing high-quality materials, HengYi stands out among its competitors. As a trusted wholesale supplier, they offer an extensive range of polyurethane foam products specifically designed for use in footwear manufacturing. By consistently delivering top-notch shoe materials, such as PU foam, EVA foam and memory foam, etc. HengYi polyurethane foam wholesale manufacturer ensures that their clients can rely on them for exceptional performance and durability when it comes to shoe production. Whether seeking cushioning foam for athletic sneakers or comfort-enhancing inserts for everyday wear shoes, HengYi is the go-to destination for manufacturers looking to source premium polyurethane foam at competitive prices in China's thriving market. Welcome to contact us!

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