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HR Foam Supplier For High Density PU Foam Cushion Insole

HR Foam Supplier For High Density PU Foam Cushion Insole
High Density PU Foam is commonly used in the construction of shoe insoles. PU foam typically has an open-cell structure that it help to reduce sweat and odor buildup within the shoes
Open cell high density PU foam
As customers's requirement.
Any color is available, as customers's requirment.
Dongguan, China
Lead Time:
30 days
TT, etc.

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sport insole  HR  Pu  Foam

The high-resilience PU foam offers superior shock absorption and energy return, making it ideal for minimizing the impact on the feet during high-impact sports.

Our Pu foam for shoe insole is ventilation, sweat absorption, deodorization, mildew resistance, antibacterial, good buffering and other typical characteristics, breathable, washable and durable than environmental polymer cotton Add activated carbon, antibacterial agent, ventilation, sweat absorption, deodorant, antibacterial compare other special insoles to keep your feet dry.

HengYi HR foam sport insoles are superior to other materials in terms of durability, tearability, and machine washability. Our shoe insole foam sheet is fixed in the original position, does not slip, and sticks to the bottom of the shoe. It is comfortable to wear, and has very good hardness and softness. Good cushioning maintenance and elasticity bring ideal damping effect.

Product information

Product Features:

1. Top Anti-Microbial Material: Reduces heat and friction while performing strenuous activity, keeping your feet healthier and more comfortable.

2. An ideal foam insole for preventing and alleviating pain associated with plantar fasciitis and other common foot conditions.

3. Anti-Fatigue Core redistributes pressure to help relieve stress on your body.

4. High-resilience PU foam helps to Relieve Heel Pain & Discomfort from Sore Hurting Heels, Sore Feet, Plantar Fasciitis, Bone or Aching Heel Spurs, Achilles, Edema.

5. Improve step balance and foot strength, An ideal orthotic insert for preventing and alleviating pain.

6. Applicable for all kinds of sport shoes, hiking shoes, working shoes and so on.

DescriptionOpen cell high density PU foam
ColorAny color is available, as customers's requirment.
Hardness10-45degree, as customers's requirement.
Density90-220kg/cm3, as customers' requirement.
SizeAs customers's requirement.
FeaturesEco-friendly, long term cushioning, moisture management, breathablility, lightweight, Washable
UsageShoe insole, packing lining insert, luggage & bag insert, electronics, automtive seating, etc.
ShapeRoll, sheet, or as customers's requirement.
PrintingSilk printing, transfer printing, embossing as requested
PackingPoly bag , or as customers' requirement.
Delivery time10-20days after confirmed the order.
Sample timeSample time 5 days, lead time 10-20 days
Price termFOB, CIF, Door to Door, etc
Payment termTT, etc.
Port of loadingDongguan, China
Essential details
Place of Origin:Dongguan, China
Brand Name:Hengyi
Model Number:High density foam
Thickness:From 2mm
Processing Service:Cutting


1. What is high resilience PU foam?

High-resilience PU foam insoles refer to insoles made of a specific type of polyurethane (PU) foam material that possesses high resilience properties. Resilience is the ability of a material to return to its original shape after being compressed or stretched. The high resilience of PU foam insoles allows them to provide excellent cushioning and support for the feet. They can absorb shock and impact during activities such as walking, running, or sports, helping to reduce fatigue and discomfort. 

These insoles are designed to distribute pressure evenly across the foot, promoting proper alignment and reducing the risk of foot pain or injury. They can be used in various types of footwear, including athletic shoes, casual shoes, and work boots, to enhance comfort and support for individuals who spend long hours on their feet.

2. What is the difference between high resilience foam and high density foam?

Compared to HR foams, High Density (HD) foams have higher density and hence take longer to recover after being compressed. Generally, HR foam provides greater comfort due to its higher levels of resilience, while HD foam is more supportive and durable in the long run.

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