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High Resilience Foam Supplier Open Cell Polyurethane Foam

High Resilience Foam Supplier Open Cell Polyurethane Foam
Open cell high resilience foam is abreathable shoes material. lts allow air tocirculate freely ensuring optimal breathability and temperature requlation.This foam excels initsability to rapidly bounce back into shape after compression, making it highly durable and long-lasting.
Open cell high density PU foam
Place of origin:
Dongguan, China
As customers's requirement.
As customers' requirement
Dongguan, China
Lead Time:
30 days
TT, etc.

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Comfortable sport insole

high resilient density foam is a revolutionary shoes material designed to provide exceptional shock absorption and pain relief. Its unique open-cell structure allows for maximum airflow, resulting in superior breathability and comfort. When subjected to impact or pressure, the foam cells compress and distribute the force evenly across its surface, effectively reducing the intensity of shocks and minimizing discomfort on joints and muscles. This makes it an ideal choice for various applications, such as athletic footwear, protective gear, orthopedic supports, or even mattress toppers. The open cell PU foam's remarkable ability to absorb shocks not only enhances overall performance but also reduces the risk of injuries by cushioning critical areas of the body during physical activities or simply while standing or walking. With its advanced technology combined with optimal support and relief qualities, open cell PU foam truly brings comfort and protection to a whole new level.

Open Cell Polyurethane Foam For Various Strenuous Exercise Shock Absorption(Running, Playing Basketball and Hiking)

Enhanced Shock Absorption: Open cell polyurethane foam has a unique cell structure that allows for efficient shock absorption. When compressed, the foam cells collapse and then quickly regain their original shape, dispersing and absorbing the impact energy generated during exercise. This helps reduce the strain on joints, muscles, and ligaments, minimizing the risk of injuries.


Excellent Energy Dissipation: The open cell structure of the foam facilitates the dissipation of energy. As the foam compresses upon impact, the air trapped in the open cells escapes, absorbing and dissipating the energy across a larger surface area. This helps to prevent localized pressure points and reduces the overall stress exerted on the body.


Soft and Cushioning Feel: Open cell polyurethane foam provides a soft and cushioning feel underfoot. It conforms to the contours of the body, evenly distributing the pressure and providing a comfortable base during exercise. This can help reduce discomfort and fatigue, allowing athletes to perform at their best for longer durations.


Improved Stability and Balance: The shock-absorbing properties of open cell polyurethane foam contribute to improved stability and balance during strenuous exercises. By reducing the impact forces transmitted through the body, the foam helps athletes maintain better control and stability, enabling them to execute movements with greater precision.


Moisture Management: Many open cell polyurethane foams have inherent breathability due to their porous structure. This facilitates airflow, helping to wick away moisture and heat generated during exercise. By keeping the skin dry and cool, the foam contributes to a more comfortable and hygienic exercise experience.


Durable and Resilient: Open cell polyurethane foam is known for its durability and resilience. It can withstand repeated compression and quickly regain its shape, maintaining its shock-absorbing properties over time. This durability ensures a long-lasting performance, allowing athletes to rely on the foam's effective shock absorption during various strenuous exercises.


Versatility: Open cell polyurethane foam can be easily customized to meet specific exercise requirements. It can be cut or shaped into various forms, such as insoles, mats, pads, or protective gear, depending on the desired application. This versatility makes it suitable for use in different sports and exercise equipment, providing reliable shock absorption across a range of activities.


Product information

Open cell PU foam is a revolutionary material designed specifically for shock absorption and pain relief. With its unique open cell structure, this foam provides unparalleled comfort and support by evenly distributing pressure across the body. Whether you're an athlete looking to protect your joints during intense workouts or someone suffering from chronic pain seeking relief, open cell PU foam offers a solution that will surpass your expectations. The advanced technology of this foam allows it to conform effortlessly to your body shape, providing personalized cushioning that targets specific areas in need of support. Its ability to absorb impact ensures maximum protection against shocks and jolts, making it an ideal choice for high-impact activities like running or jumping. Additionally, the open cells allow air circulation within the foam, preventing overheating and ensuring optimal breathability throughout use. This not only enhances comfort but also promotes faster recovery by reducing sweat build-up and minimizing odor retention. Crafted with durability in mind, open cell PU foam maintains its exceptional performance even after prolonged use – guaranteeing long-lasting pain relief without compromising on quality or effectiveness. So whether you're recovering from an injury, engaged in rigorous physical activity, or simply seeking everyday comfort, look no further than open cell PU foam for unmatched shock absorption and pain relief that will keep you feeling supported all day long!

DescriptionOpen cell high density PU foam
ColorAny color is available, as customers's requirment.
Hardness10-45degree, as customers's requirement.
Density90-220kg/cm3, as customers' requirement.
SizeAs customers's requirement.
FeaturesEco-friendly, long term cushioning, moisture management, breathablility, lightweight, Washable
UsageShoe insole, packing lining insert, luggage & bag insert, electronics, automtive seating, etc.
ShapeRoll, sheet, or as customers's requirement.
PrintingSilk printing, transfer printing, embossing as requested
PackingPoly bag, or as customers' requirement.
Delivery time10-20days after confirmed the order.
Sample timeSample time 5 days, lead time 10-20 days
Price termFOB, CIF, Door to Door, etc
Payment termTT, etc.
Port of loadingDongguan, China
Essential details
Place of Origin:Dongguan, China
Brand Name:Hengyi
Model Number:high density foam
Thickness:From 2mm
Processing Service:Cutting
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