HengYi Foam is a leading polyurethane foam manufacturer and memory foam supplier, provides high quality polyurethane foam insoles.

Memory foam also known as slow rebound foam, density from 60KG/m' to 150kg/m', according to the hardness of the foam height is different soft, super hard, super soft, memory cotton hardness, density, Color can according to customer needs to produce good rebound effect, free stretch, integrated decompression, light shock absorption, comfortable slow rebound memory material, comfortable touch, not only can you absorb the impact force in motion, effective shock absorption, so as to protect the foot. We are the most popular memory foam manufacturer with 8 years experience. Memory foam for shoe inserts provide superior cushioning and shock absorption, which can help to reduce the impact on the feet and joints during activities such as walking, running, or standing for long periods. Looking for memory foam supplier? HengYi offer a customized solution that can help to reduce foot pain and discomfort, absorb shock, and provide a more comfortable walking or standing experience.

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